A saga of Proficiency and Integrity

Markwest & Co. was established in 2016 as a dedicated, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to meet the growing demands of Tin products. Markwest is proud to owe its inception to Super Sulphate. The latter's experience of successfully manufacturing Copper Sulphate for 30 years let Markwest evolve into a committed unit since its foundation.
Markwest manufactures and distributes products that are not only cost-efficient but are peerless in quality.
We serve our clients in both India and abroad with the utmost professionalism and sincerity. Our principles inspire us to be more focused on constantly improving our techniques and standards rather than competing with our peers.
"Markwest considers every business opportunity as a potentially long-lasting and fruitful relationship where we get a chance to grow and nurture our values through fulfilling our client's vision."


Products that speak for themselves

At Markwest, we believe that our products must speak for themselves. Thus, our key vision is to manufacture inorganic chemicals of the highest quality. Our continued research, coupled with our clients' support and feedback, enables us to manufacture and deliver products that belong at the top of the quality spectrum. Maintaining the safety of our products and their timely delivery lets us develop the best of relations with our esteemed clientele.
"Markwest aims to deliver the Safest Products of the Highest Quality to you on Time."


Growing with our guiding principles

Our sole mission at Markwest is to grow at a steady pace, guided by our core principles of integrity, honesty, transparency, commendable work ethics and warm professional relations. Our principles are reflected in our communications with clients, suppliers, and other professionals. Markwest is carrying forward the legacy of Super Sulphate, and our mission is to grow and expand while ensuring our longevity through customers’ satisfaction.
"We are ready to take on the World by staying rooted to our Core Principles"


Unmatched Dedication and Transparency

At Markwest, we continually strive to improve our systems and processes to provide premium quality inorganic chemicals to our customers' emerging requirements.
"We are committed to exceeding our Clients' Expectations by our Methodical Approach of Delivering Products & Services on time and at the Correct Cost."


Vashisth Desai 

Founder / Partner

Kaushik Naik


Palak Desai

Founder / Partner